It’s In The Cloud

Most of us have used cds, zip disks, external hard drives, thumb drives, and even floppy disks (remember those?). Well simply put, when you use cloud storage, you are saving your pictures and other documents the same way, just now you are saving it on someone else’s disk that you can’t see and is located somewhere else.

If you have heard of Dropbox, Box, Onedrive, Google Drive, or Zip Cloud, these are types of cloud storage.  Dozens of cloud storage companies are out there and all offer similar plans and pricing. These companies usually offer a free version of up to so many GB of space before charging you.

What can you benefit from using cloud storage?

1. Access your files from anywhere on any device as long as you have Internet access.

2.  Backup your files for extra security. If you were to have a fire in your home or office, it might be a good idea to have your pictures and documents saved “In The Cloud”.

3. Sharing your files couldn’t be easier with cloud storage. Since your files are saved on the Internet, you can share your files with friends and family.

What can you save in the cloud?

You can save anything that you would be able to save on a zip disk, floppy, cd, external hard drive, or anything you would save on your computer – pictures, movies, songs, homework assignments, excel files, word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

How do I know which cloud storage service to use?

Below, I have listed three services that have worked great for our business.

  • If you are looking for a way to use, share, and collaborate office documents, OneDrive offers the entire Microsoft office suite online for free.  You can login to your account and create and manage documents as long as you have Internet access.  You can then share these documents with others for easy collaboration.
  • uShine technologies uses Dropbox. This cloud storage service is great for organizing, uploading, and sharing all of your documents from pictures, audio and video files, to important documents you use every day.
  • Google Drive offers similar features as OneDrive. However, Google Drive uses their version of Microsoft.  What is nice about Google Drive is that it is a Google product and as you know, Google has many applications and programs that you might already be using.

If you are still wondering which service is good for you, check out this site here on CNET: . This article will show you a comparison of each service.  Remember, just because one service is cheaper than another, it may not be your perfect fit. Focus on what you will be using the Cloud storage service for before you decide.

Enjoy the Cloud!


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