LastPass – The Last Password You Have To Remember – You can get it free here:

What can a password manager do for you? LastPass allows you to access websites you frequent without having to remember or look up your passwords every time you use the site. You can download LastPass to all of your devices in 0rder to maximize your online efficiency.

Have you noticed how many restrictions and requirements websites have now when you create a password with them?  You can no longer use the same password you have used for years on all your sites.  Some websites require first letter to be capitalized, or they may require you to have a character, or it must be between 8 and 10 characters sing a password management program will allow you to make your passwords secure as many different websites you want without the frustration of remembering or documenting each one. What if I want to access these passwords you ask… No worries, you can access your LastPass passwords in the secure vault provided in your account.

I have been using LastPass for three years now and it has yet let me down. Yes there are other password managers out there and I have listed them below in case you want to check them out. It is important to look at several options to see which one will best fit your needs.

Other FREE online password managers:

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